The principle of escape games


The escape game is a life-size escape game whose goal is to solve puzzles with different clues.

This concept has been successfully developed around the world and in recent years it has been adapted on various topics.

You will be seduced by this concept.


Come and discover our history!


Session de Recherche offers two outdoor escape games  through the city of Castellane.

You have the choice between helping Sergeant CRUCHOT to find the first drops of the Verdon River that have been stolen or finding the treasure of pirates (children).


Police Investigation - Escape Game outdoor :

The game

We offer a game of escape full size in the heart of the village of Castellane. You are not locked in a room but outside, and you have no time to find the treasure. It will take about three hours of activity. You will move freely in the village in search of the various clues allowing you to find the treasure. This game is ideal for those who like discovering villages while having fun.


The plot

A robbery took place that night at M. DE BROMVILLE DE FALIGNAN. A small vial containing the first drops of the river VERDON was stolen. It is said that this water cures all diseases and gives eternal life. We must quickly help Sergeant CRUCHOT to find this precious treasure.

At first you will have to identify the culprit among three suspects. Then you will have to find the clues and solve the puzzles allowing you to discover where the loot is hidden.


The public

This activity is open to all people with no age limit. However, keep in mind that it takes about three hours. The activity is paying for children from 10 years. This escape game is ideal for families, friends but also companies looking for activities for cohesion days. There is no need to have experience in escape games or escape rooms. We have different levels of difficulty.


The devil of the seas' treasure :

Session de recherche offers you to experiment this treasure hunt to find the treasure of pirates. The pirate ship failed at Castellane, they were hiding their treasure somewhere in the city. We recently found the treasure chest on the banks of the Verdon River. We do not have the code that allows us to open it. But the pirates have left us a treasure map. To access this treasure, you will have to solve puzzles to find the final password.


The game

The escape game is presented as a book with inside a treasure hunt where you complete the words guessed by the riddles.


The plot

Follow the clues that the pirates have left behind. Discover the Castellane places and find the password that will open the treasure chest of pirates!


The public


The game of pirates applies to children between 3 and 10 accompanied by their parents.