Castellane has been a place of passage, trade and meetings for a long time. Today, Castellane is rich in its long history which has left many buildings including the emblematic chapel Notre-Dame du Roc, two towers and a church classified as a Historic Monument and an exceptional landscape. The village has become a hotspot for hiking and white water activities on the Verdon. It's a whole village, its inhabitants, its festivals and traditions have to be discovered.


From the 9th century, the city is built a little below the Roc and takes the name of Petra Castellana. The ramparts protect this city and they remain visible today.

Gradually, from the end of the 11th century, the city descended to nestle at the foot of the Roc, near the Verdon. The city of Petra Castellana is definitely abandoned. To counter the threat of civil wars, the city of Castellane is protected by ramparts and towers.


From 1945, it is the beginning of the great works of development of the valley of the Verdon with the construction of the dam of Castillon then Chaudanne’s in 1952. These shipyards mark the end of an era and a mode of life rather related to agriculture and livestock. With the development of the river, the lakes of Castillon and Chaudanne, the discovery of the Gorges du Verdon and the development of wilderness and white water activities, it is a whole territory that turns gradually towards tourism.



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